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The middle length in the range and the most popular with clay shooters using all gauges of over and under and semi-automatic shotguns, this is the standard Bead for any shotgun. Will also work well in lower light conditions. The Bead is 3mm fibre optic width with 101mm overall length and a 6mm flat, super effective, easy to apply self-adhesive base.
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EasyHit!! fibre optic bead for shotgun foresight correcting cross eye dominance, in clay or game shooting.

The EasyHit!! bead is an inexpensive, simple, effective and natural solution to cross eye dominance in nearly all cases. You can fit it in seconds, it is robust and requires no gun alterations or training to use it.

Providing your gun fits you correctly it does not matter what degree of cross eye dominance you have, whether you are right or left shouldered, if you shoot a side by side, over and under or single barrelled shotgun or whether you shoot game or clays. The effect of using the EasyHit!! bead will be the same.

Simply fit it and forget it and you will surprise your shooting partners, or make your gamekeeper very happy with your improved performance.

The best available fluorescent fibre optic material is used in all Easy Hit!! fibre optic beads. The fibre is machined to the right diameter out of solid cold moulded UV resistant plastic sheet giving the most intense fluorescent fibre, per length, money can buy. Expected lifetime in direct sunlight is approximately 100,000 shooting hours.

Please follow carefully the fitting instructions supplied, as beads damaged by incorrect attachment cannot be replaced or refunded.

All our beads are shipped Royal Mail : First Class in UK & Eire, Tracked & Signed for in the European Union and Rest of World

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