EasyHit Easy Hit (UK) Ltd: Fibre optic foresight, the clay target and game shooting natural correction for master eye cross eye dominance for shooting grounds clay clubs coaches instructors.
Correcting Cross Eye Dominance, Fibre Optic Shotgun Foresight
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Linda Pearson
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Sports Vision Optometrist Endorsed

Victor Scrooby As a Sports Vision Optometrist I endorse the use of the Easy Hit!! fibre optic shotgun bead as an effective, simple and natural way of correcting cross-eye dominance.

I am one of the Consultants and Suppliers to the Great Britain Target Shooting Federation, World Class Programme. Working with our Olympic potentials to help ensure medal success in 2012.

I am a right-shouldered clay shooter with left eye dominance and always use an Easy Hit!! bead when shooting. It certainly is an eye opening experience.

Classic Eyes website.

Use of the Easy Hit!! bead will support the BASC Respect for Quarry Code of Practice.

Classic Eyes
My Classic Eyes Sports Vision Page
BASC Eye Dominance Briefing sheet
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John Bidwell
High Lodge Shooting School

Graham, I recently fitted one of your Easy Hit Beads to the shotgun of a right shouldered customer with a definite left master eye problem. After a few shots his hit rate was improved.
We were both impressed with the effects.
I will stock it at High Lodge and recommend that people with an eye dominance problem give it a try.

High Lodge Thank you,
John Bidwell

More information on Cross Eye Dominance and Middle Vision.
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Recommended by:

Linda Pearson
East Yorkshire Gun Club

I'm not interested in the science behind it, just that it worked perfectly for me and got my shooting back on track.

I went to Rome and finished in 5th place. Since then I have placed 3rd in the Fitasc World Cup of Compak, and have won Silver at both the British Open Skeet with a 99, and Silver at the British Open Sport Trap. The results speak for themselves.

I heartily recommend this sight, without reservation, to anyone with an eye dominance problem.

Linda Pearson

Linda Pearson, Blaser & Easy Hit!
"An Eye Opening Combination!"
More information on Cross Eye Dominance and Middle Vision.
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What is the Easy Hit bead?

The Easy Hit fibre optic foresight is contained within a specialist patented frame, butts up against the existing muzzle-end bead using a pre-fitted high bond, oil and heat resistant adhesive strip and is fitted easily for less that the cost of a driven pheasant.

The brain, not our right or left handedness, decides which eye will have the main eye dominance resulting in our left, right or middle vision.

Ignoring the "Bead" and looking at the quarry, our brain is genuinely tricked by this sight's specialist design.

When fitted, it is guaranteed to make the shooter's eye dominance perfect and naturally aligns the correct eye and rib with the the quarry or target.

With all eye dominance problems eliminated, shotgun shooters can instantly shoot with both eyes open. Peripheral vision now provides a safer view of the arc of fire; binocular vision allows correct judgement of range and a perfect master eye provides accuracy.

Fitting the Bead to any shotgun in less than two minutes instantly results in improved competition scores along with achieving the BASC "Respect for Quarry" code of practice objectives.

We give every customer a first class quality product and service and provide a genuine "Eye Opening Experience!".

Graham Oades
Managing Director
Easy Hit (UK) Ltd
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British Association for Shooting & Conservation
The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
National Gamekeepers Organisation
Gun Trade Association
Clay Pigeon Shooting Association
Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors
Grand National Archery Society
National Small Bore Rifle Association
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