Easy Hit (UK) Ltd: Fibre optic foresight, the clay target and game shooting natural correction for master eye cross eye dominance for shooting grounds clay clubs coaches instructors.
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PXS 1000     Shoot with 100% confidence

The PXS 1000 lets you shoot with 100% confidence, meaning you never miss a shot due to misalignment.

The PXS 1000 has a state of the art parallex free double lens mirror that together with our patented fibre optic system creates a sight system that will give the shooter full confidence that the pellets will hit 100%.

The sight is made of anodized airspace aluminium and all components are waterproof. The fibre optics that we use in all our sights provide excellent performance in the deepest forest and well after dusk or dawn.

This patented fibre optic sight system is totally self contained and uses ambient light to generate the glow.


  • No LEDs, no wiring, no batteries, no switches!
  • No electrical components that can fail to work just as you are taking your best shot.
  • Made of waterproof anodized airspace aluminium.
  • Total weight is 50 grams.
  • Fits any flat rib from 5.5 - 10.0mm width.
  • Double glass mirror for easy cleaning.
  • Fibre optic will last for 100 years under normal use.
Price: £160  

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PSX 1000

PSX 1000